Recommend good fantasy (alternative history) book?

Alle fantasy die niet in de andere fora past.
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Recommend good fantasy (alternative history) book?

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I got inspired by the recent thread about modern sci fi. I prefer fantasy but even that thread gave me good ideas, I bought and am already halfway through Name of the Wind. I am hoping that a more targeted thread would yield even better recommendations.
Now, fantasy is such a mix-up of genres and I definitely don't like the traditional sword and sorcery. At best I can describe my preferences as alternative history (or alternative reality or alternative future) and some urban fantasy. But it may be easier just to list some things I like.
- A few authors that never disappoint me: Gay Gavriel Kay, Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews (I have yet to see something from them that I don't like, their world building is spectacular), Terry Pratchett - especially the Vimes books
- From others I like individual books or series, but don't care much about their other works: Dave Duncan - the Reluctant Swordsman trilogy; S.M. Stirling - The Island in the Sea of Time trilogy; Reimond Feist - the Daughter of the Empire trilogy (I don't like his other books, but this collaboration with Janny Wurts was inspired); Rachel Aaron - the Eli Monpress books; Ann Bishop - Written in Red; some Russian fantasy, esp Lukyanenko's Watch (Dozor) series
Any other authors along these lines that you would recommend? Or favorite books?

Please help.

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