Print color changing during printing

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Print color changing during printing

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I have been a Roland user for a long time. Since the PC60 days. I have a SP540v and a SOLJET PRO III XC-540 and am very experienced with both. We do most of our own repairs and maintenance. We do our very best trying to decipher and solve printing problems. Well, we finally have a been having a crazy problem that we can not figure out. When we are printing on either machine we will (at times) get a color change in the middle of the run. I am talking a sever color change. Example, we were printing a solid purple for a job and all the tests were perfect so we started to run the job and about three feet into the job the purple turned into a magenta. We had a similar thing happen to a trailer wrap we did. We needed to reprint a panel using the same roll and the shades were completely off, not even close so we printed four of them before we got one to some what match. We are Mac based and use Flexi 8.5 to design andtheir production manager to print through. After trying everything imaginable as far as profiles and configurations I exported the file into VersaWorks and tried the purple job on both machines. I ended up using VersaWorks with the SP540v and it wasn't too bad but it still had color shifts during the printing. Today we were printing a camo wrap for a customer and again after all the color testing we started to run the job and low and behold three feet into the job a major color shift. We had to stop and put the job on hold until we come up with some solution. This is soooooo it a heat issue.....hardware issue.....profile issue.

Please help.

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